Lent Course 2022




A five-week course of prayer, reflection and action,

on Christian faith and housing


In his poem The Rock, T.S. Eliot asks

What is the meaning of this city?
Do you huddle together because you
love each other?
What will you answer?
We all dwell together to make money
from each other? or This is a community

Our Lent Course this year considers homes, housing and the local community.  It asks us to look around practically as well as reflecting spiritually, to consider and listen to our local community.

We are called to See and hear, Judge, Act:

we observe and listen, we seek to judge in accordance with God’s revelation in Christ,

and we then take action in the light of that judgment.

Having completed that cycle, we then observe and listen to discern the impact of our action (another “see”), evaluate it and discern what needs to be
done to build on it, or perhaps to remedy unintended damage (“judge”), and then move into further action.

At the heart of this course is the question of who is building and acting. In Scripture, we see that God’s action usually emerges from amongst those the wider society underestimates or simply ignores. If we are to be God’s co-workers, we will need to listen to his Word, and also to the poorest in our communities – so that we can see, judge and act with them – and not just on their behalf.

Come along to

Ealing Green Church.


28 Feb, 14, 21, 28 March, 4th April (No meeting on 7 March)



Mondays 8pm

28 Feb, 14, 21, 28 March, 4th April (No meeting on 7 March)

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