Bible Study

CBS UK Bible Studies Thursdays from 15.30-17.30pm - Church Foyer

Spring Term 2017 is a study entitled Servants of God, dealing with Joshua, Judges, . Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel. The Spring Term starts Thurs Jan 12th and runs for 10 weeks till Thurs March 23rd.

The Summer Term dates are provisionally Thurs April 20th to Thurs Jun 29th.

We are planning half term breaks on Thurs Feb 16th and Thurs May 25th.  

This Class runs mostly with 30 week studies broken down into 3 x 10 week terms, Autumn, Spring and Summer.

The class members decide what studies they want to do, depending on what is available. 

Basic costs are £10 per course for a guide book which contains questions that you study before each class-but if you like you can print up the studies yourself for free. We encourage people to register for free, but they can come to one or two classes first, see if they like it. 

You may join at any time.

Olwen Britton (Class Co-ordinator)

Further information about this course or CBSUK can be obtained from the 

Course Leader Rachel Kamara

tel  020 8840 5576


or from

or for more general information about CBSUK




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