Caring for You - Funerals

A Funeral Service can be a service of Thanksgiving for the life of the deceased or form part of the burial or cremation arrangements.  Our minister is very happy to be asked to take any funerals regardless of denominational background and including people for whom the usual religious language would be inappropriate. He also takes funeral services just at the crematorium or graveside. We are also very happy for the church to be hired for funerals – with or without our minister being present to conduct the service.

How do we arrange a funeral?

Most people will use the services of a local funeral director, who will provide advice and organise all the practical arrangements. If you would like a funeral to involve the church then complete the form below to find out if the Minister is available before finalising other times with the funeral director.

The person who has died may have left details of the sort of funeral that they hoped for. The Minister will want to support the family in keeping to such arrangements as much as possible and in making the service a personal and appropriate occasion. Taking funerals is an important part of a Minister's work and the Minister will take time to visit the family, offering comfort and support before and after the funeral itself.

Burials and Cremations

Burials usually take place at the local cemetery. Just over half of funerals today are cremations and services may take place entirely at the crematorium or as well as a church service. If cremation is desired this leaves the question of what to do with the ashes. Crematoria have gardens of rest where they can be buried or scattered or the deceased may have specified what is to be done with them.


The time between a person’s death and their funeral is often very busy and full of practical arrangements. Often it is only after the funeral that the full extent of loss affects the bereaved. Grieving is a natural and important part of coming to terms with and healing this loss and it may continue for several months. The Minister may be able to offer help or find others who can provide such friendship and support. There are patterns and themes to bereavement but each person is different and it is important for people to be supported in finding their own way through grief.

Sources of Help

The Kingsdown Minister will be able to offer information and support.

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