Liturgy for Evening Worship at Home

Evening Prayer

Meeting with God
O God, to whom there is no darkness, with whom the night is as the day: enlighten us by your presence, that waking or sleeping we may dwell in your peace. Amen. Methodist Worship Book p18
Reflection The testimony is that out of the darkest soil God brings the life we call ‘resurrection’; out of the ruins of the best made plans, out of bruised and disappointed people, God brings the new creation; within a place of fear and trembling God still opens up in the deep places a future that we could not plan. For some these rumours are sheer foolishness; for us, they are the central mystery into which Jesus invites us both to enter and trust.  Donald Eadie

Look back over the day that has passed. Recall any moments of pain or loneliness, despair or anger, neglect or disappointment. Thank God for His sustaining presence throughout the day. Repent of those things said or done in which you have failed Him and failed yourself or others.
Assurance of Pardon Lives that are chaotic become cradles of peace; hearts malformed by meanness are reshaped into goodness; souls filled with despair are cleansed with grace. This is the good news; the God who created us is the same God who redeemed us. The God who redeems us is the God who sends us forth to serve. Thanks be to God, we are forgiven! Amen. Thom Shuman
Remember the pleasures of the day that is ending; the glories of creation that have surrounded you; the love and care that has been showered upon you – if not from others, yet unstintingly from God. Give thanks for tasks successfully completed; for friends and family contacts; for the joy of hobbies and crafts and the company of books, film, TV and radio. Pray for those of whom you have been reminded during the day; and those whose needs you have forgotten in the rush of other activities

The Lord’s Prayer

The Word of God Read a favourite psalm; enjoy its comforting familiarity and feel the blessing that God’s Word can bring. Choose another psalm to read, one with which you are much less familiar; reflect on what God is saying to you through its words. Give thanks for the rich variety of writing collected in the Scriptures; for psalms of praise, for inspiring tales of dreams and visions; for teaching from history and prophesy; for letters of encouragement from the saints to new believers; for long-cherished stories of Jesus – of His healing and teaching ministry, of His sacrificial death and glorious resurrection; for promises of new life for all who believe!

Be still; be at rest; sleep in peace.

Blessing I lie down this night with God and God will lie down with me. I lie down this night with Christ and Christ will lie down with me. I will lie down this night with the Spirit and the Spirit will lie down with me. The Three of my love will be lying down with me. I shall not lie down with sin nor shall sin or sin’s shadow lie down with me. I lie down this night with God And God will lie down with me. Amen

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