Liturgy for Morning Worship at Home

Morning Prayer

Meeting with God
Lord, you are great, and greatly to be praised. Awaken us to delight in your praises, for you made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless till they find their rest in you. St Augustine

The Word of God Read a portion of Scripture. The Acts of the Apostles is recommended as being particularly appropriate for this season of the year. In its opening chapters Luke repeats the story of Christ’s Ascension, with which he ended his Gospel, and brings us the exciting tale of the first Pentecost Sunday. But we rarely hear the rest of the book read in church, except for the miraculous conversion of the persecutor Saul into the fervent missionary St Paul. There is much more to the book than that, so you are invited to read and reflect on what God is saying to you through its pages.
Prayers Eternal Spirit of the living Christ, I know not how to ask or what to say; I only know my need, as deep as life, and only you can teach me how to pray.

Come, pray in me the prayer I need this day; help me to see your purpose and your will, where I have failed, what I have done amiss; held in forgiving love, let me be still.

Come with the strength I lack, bring vision clear of human need; O give me eyes to see fulfilment of my life in love outpoured: my life in you, O Christ; your love in me. Rejoice and Sing 300

Consider the things that you know have to be accomplished today, however few or many. Think of those things that you might do to support and bring joy to others – a phone call, an email, a wave or a word to someone going past your window, perhaps. Try to anticipate the demands that may be made on you today, whether it be some action of love or charity, the daily round of household tasks or employment, facing yet another day of isolation or pain, living alone or living too much on top of others, risky encounters with
others. Bring all your needs before God; seek his strength, his wisdom, his courage. Pray for the church worldwide; pray for the members of your own church; pray for your family, friends and neighbours.

The Lord’s Prayer

Closing Prayer
God who stands beyond the future, what’s to come is still unknown. Yet, unchanging you are with us and we will not walk alone. God with us through doubt and darkness, stand with us in hopeful place, ‘til the chain of time is broken and we see you face-to-face. Pat Bennett

May the world continue to surprise us, love continue to astonish us, life continue to captivate us, faith continue to sustain us, and may God go with us always, now and for evermore.

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