Debt Counselling Service

One of the local charities is the Soul in Ealing debt counselling centre. This opened in May 2006 as a partnership between Christians Against Poverty and Soul in Ealing. Soul in Ealing is a group of churches and Christian agencies working together to deliver socially transforming projects in Ealing, and Kingsdown is a member of this.

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Ealing is a wonderful opportunity. Our vision is to reach out to people in our community, relieve poverty and bring justice to those in need through top quality debt counselling, in such a way that people experience and respond to God’s love.

CAP Ealing offers a practical solution to people in debt, preparing a budget that prioritises spending for food and essential bills, and negotiating with creditors to stop interest and charges.

But more than just debt counselling, CAP is about building God’s kingdom, by offering prayer and friendship and telling clients about God’s love for them.

All the debt counselling itself is done by the centre manager, but there are many other ways in which you can be involved in this ministry. For more information email ealing @ or use this link to CAP UK 





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