Methodist Women in Britain( MWiB)

Women’s Network- London District

Guide Lines-  2013      


London District Women’s Network is one of the 33 Districts of Methodist Women in BritaiN. . MWIB is also the British Unit of the World federation of Methodist & Uniting Church Women (WFM&UCW)

The Aim of MWiB is: - To know Christ and to make him known, encouraging, enabling and equipping women to participate fully in the life of the church and in society, supporting the church to become truly the whole people of God

MWiB has a national President and the decision making body is – The Forum, which is comprises of The president, executive and representatives from each of the Districts

Women committed and engaged in MWiB, are encouraged to take an active role in reaching out to others at church, community, and national and international levels.

All women who have sympathy with our aims and objectives are welcomed at any events.

(For more information visit the MWiB web site:-


Officers: The London District Executive Committee-is comprised of:-

 President: Elected for a two year term of office- Responsibilities:-

  • Chairs meetings and liaises with the National President MWiB

(Twice  yearly committee meetings  ; adhoc executive meetings & District Days)

  • Works in a shared leadership model with past President and all officers
  • MWiB representation on committees as directed by the Forum
  • Becomes Past President for a period of 2 years after conclusion of term of office.

Past President:  Serves a term for 2 years and acts in a supportive and advisory capacity.

 Vice President: Elected for a  two year term of office and is inducted as President on conclusion of the current President’s term of office.

 Secretary: Serves 4 years- Responsibilities:-

  • Take minutes of meetings and circulates these and other communication    to Sector Coordinators, Circuit reps and others as appropriate.
  • Sends Annual Reports to District
  • Shares all incoming correspondence with President
  • Deals with all correspondence to and from MWiB

 Treasurer: Serves 4 years - Responsibilities:-

  • Prepares accounts for the 2 District Meetings per anum
  • Prepares the annual audited accounts
  • Issues cheques on behalf of the District
  • Receives Reports from Sector Treasurers

Sector Coordinators: Serve 4 years- Responsibilities:-

  • Chair Sector meetings- Two per year; plus adhoc meetings as necessary
  • Plan with executive,  two - three Sector Days each year
  • Liaise with other Sector Coordinators, President and Past President.
  • Share in the organization of a District Day once in three years∙
  • Receive and circulate all communication from president, past president, secretary, WFM&UCW etc.

Sector Secretaries:

  • Works with Coordinators to prepare Agenda for 2 meetings and other events, each year.
  • Submit the Sector’s contribution to the annual District News Letter.
  • Take minutes of meetings and circulates these to Circuit reps and others as appropriate.

The District Committee: consists of: - The Executive Committee & Circuit Reps.

Meets twice per year.

  • The District secretary is secretary to this committee.

Circuit Reps - Responsibilities:-

  • Liaise with Sector Coordinator
  • Attend Twice yearly District Committee meeting
  • Organise at least  two Circuit meetings per year
  • Order or encourage the ordering of Annual Easter Offering Service material; liaise with Circuit Network treasurer; shares in the organization of MWiB Service (LD) and the annual Easter offering Service with Circuit Ministers.
  • Membership of World Mission Committee, as may be applicable to Church/Circuit decisions.
  • Rally support for local ecumenical, Women’s World Day of Prayer annually.
  • Work with other Church based Women’s groups.


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