Kingsdown Methodist Church - the Church

There has been a Methodist presence on the corner of Kingsdown Avenue for about 100 years.  Whilst the buildings may have been changed the Church Family has always been an active part of the local community where we work with spirit, dedication and enthusiasm.  

The main frontage to Northfield Avenue

Side elevation to Kingsdown Avenue

Church from the new Foyer

Church from the Upper Foyer Room

Stairs from the Foyer to the Upper Room

The upper Foyer Room

The Foyer looking towards the Kitchen

The Foyer looking towards Kingsdown Avenue entrance

At Kingsdown we welcome people of all nationalities and backgrounds, those with strong faith and those who are simply seeking answers to questions of life.  We believe people can best know God’s care through becoming part of the family of the church and so we welcome children and adults into the church through baptism and confirmation.  We also link people into groups so that each person can have a pastoral carer.  We are glad when our church or minister is able to share and help in significant events such as weddings and funerals.  If you think that Kingsdown may be able to help you in any way, please get in touch. 

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